Friday, June 13, 2008

Checking In

I promised you a NYC post and it is forthcoming. Luckily, I uploaded the photos before my brand-new camera went missing. :( Yes, you read that correctly. The last time I saw my beloved camera was two Saturdays ago when I was on the cooking and baking spree evidenced in the last two posts. Since then, my camera has disappeared. I've looked high and low, I've moved the couches, I've searched the car four times, and I will be cleaning out my closet just in case it's hiding somewhere in there. Until or unless I find it, I don't see any photo-filled posts (with the exception of the NYC post) in my future. I'll be posting, just not with any new photos.

Secondly, my days, nights, and weekends have been extremely full these days, which is why you haven't seen many comments from me on your blogs. As I type, I have well over 535 entries to read on my Google Reader. Rest assured that I will get to all of them, as reading your entries is very important to me; I just wanted you to know why I haven't been commenting lately.

Coming soon: Vegyogini hits Manhattan!


Celine said...

that's horrible news, about the cam!

Liz² said...

honoz, your camera! ;_;
I hope you find it soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear this! Stay strong(I know I would lose it if I was with a camera for even a day), I hope it turns up soon..!