Saturday, July 5, 2008

Green Bags?

I saw a commercial for these green bags. Have any of you used them? If so, what is your opinion?

*I borrowed the above photo from Amazon.


Katy said...

I have those, but I've only used them a few times. But they seem to keep my food pretty fresh. You just have to be sure that whatever food you put in them is completely dry, otherwise it doesn't really work.
I bought mine at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for around $10, I think.

Valerie said...

Green Bags save produce by extending the life of fruits and veggies. I've been using them for 8 years and selling online for 7 years. The Work!
I put a paper towel in the bag to help absorb any moisture.
If you have any questions please email me

Eric said...

I just started using them, and I think they are pretty cool :)

jessy said...

i have yet to try out those guys just 'cause i try and avoid as much plastic as possible. beth, from "fake plastic fish" did an article or two on them. for me, i like to use the Real Simple produce guide, their produce saving charts (click on the charts in the blog to have them enlarged), and they have some other great tips on storing food, too.

hope this helps if you're looking for an alternative to those plastic bags. :)

Binx said...

The Whole Foods I wokr at sells them, others might too. The infomercial is really intriguing, isn't it? It made me want them, too. But I usually eat my fruits and veggies before they go bad.