Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Canadian Care Package

Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE care packages, so you can imagine that I was ecstatic when I received a heavy box from Ricki of Diet, Dessert and Dogs and Sweet Freedom today. YAY!

The box was chock full of (clockwise from left):

Homemade granola replete with dried fruit & nuts (oil free, sugar free, salt free, and DELICIOUS) (EDIT: recipe here)
Hemp seeds (you read my mind; I'm running out)
Maple flakes (I didn't even know these existed!)
Organic wild rice pasta (I'm super excited about this)
Organic microwave popcorn (French language side facing)
Dulse (a first for me)
Ritter Sport peppermint (RIP vegan Ritter Sport peppermint)
Cocoa Coffee Simply Bar (vegan and gluten free)
Fair Trade Earl Grey dark chocolate (I've been wanting to try this)
Organic European dark chocolate (so dark and inviting)
Organic Theobroma Chocolat with pineapple chunks(!)
Pure & Natural Soap (aloe vera, olive oil, & vitamin E scent)

Ricki, I'm overwhelmed by your generosity. Thank you so very much! I can't wait to cook with these delicious foods and you know the popcorn will be part of my Oscars celebration this Sunday!


Ricki said...

So glad you like the goodies! I hadn't realized how heavy on the chocolate the package was until I read your descriptions (so cute that you put the French side of the popcorn facing this way!)--but I guess sweets for Oscar night are fine, too! :)

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

WOW! I knew Rick was nice, but that's sooooooooooo sweet!

I've been wanting to try those Ritter bars before they change the formula to be non-vegan, but I can't find them anywhere!

Anonymous said...

I am sooooo jealous! You're a lucky ducky, and Ricki is so sweet - vous ĂȘtes toutes les deux adorables!

Hannah said...

Wow, this is quite possibly the best care package ever!

Eric said...

Ooh all that stuff looks delicious!

Hmm....maybe one of these days I'll have to send you a care package with Andean Dream cookies :)

Congrats on getting a mala! Having one that you like just adds that extra special something to meditation or even savasana.

aTxVegn said...

Lucky you! Enjoy everything!

River said...

WOW! That is a fabulous care package from fabulous Ricki! The maple flakes are news to me too, but I love anything maple. So much chocolate, so little time!! :)

YAY for the Oscars!! Enjoy your goodies!

Jeni Treehugger said...

Awesome package!