Monday, June 14, 2010

Bold Native

Bold Native is not a person. It's an idea - that animals are not property. They are not ours to use. They are an end unto themselves. Their freedom is beautiful, and their slavery is a horror.

The above excerpt is from the powerful new narrative film, Bold Native; a film about animal liberation and welfare, about passion and compassion. It's a film that's presented in such an accessible way that those who might otherwise be resistant to a film that would open their eyes to the realities of animal testing will be talking about it for months to come. For those who are already aware, it is a film that will help facilitate conversations with the aforementioned resistant.

Bold Native is poignant, moving, and told by spectacular filmmakers, cast, and crew. Please support the film by attending screenings, purchasing merchandise, and spreading the word.

The red carpet world premiere takes place this Wednesday, June 16, in Los Angeles (details here)! The filmmakers and cast will be present (so will I). I strongly encourage you to come show your support and see this amazing film in an environment where you'll also have the opportunity to speak directly to these talented people. There is a second L.A. screening taking place this Friday, June 18, at Tree People. While the screening is sold out, waiting list spots are still available.

If you live outside of Los Angeles, you'll have a chance to see Bold Native very soon. The filmmakers will be presenting it in Portland on June 24, Seattle on June 29, and Washington D.C. on July 16. They are also planning a college tour this year, so please continue checking the website for details. In the meantime, get a sneak peak by watching the trailer.

We've got some trouble to start.


JennShaggy said...

So had I, my dear French vegan friend! I'm so excited, too. I can't believe how close it is!

Bold Native sounds great, btw.

Eric said...

The premier was on my birthday :)

Actually my friend who I went to Madeleine Bistro with for dinner was at the premier and was also in the movie.

I wish I could have attended the premier!