Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: ResBLENDent

As the holiday season is upon us, I thought I would highlight a few companies I feel are worthy. I featured a gift guide early this year and some of these companies might be repeats from that post, but believe me, they deserve to be repeated.

Today's fantastic company is Blend Apparel, whose soft, thick hoodie is shown above. I've seen this hoodie look equally great on guys and girls and, I have to be honest, my favorite part is the ampersand (&) zipper pull.

Blend Apparel is vegan owned and operated, eco-friendly (apparel is made with organic cotton and bamboo and the website is wind-powered), and a percentage of each purchase is donated to hand-picked charitable organizations. Supporting Blend Apparel is supporting our vegan community.

On top of all this goodness, Blend is having a huge sale right now, where all apparel is at least $10 off (t-shirts are usually $24.99-29.99 and are now $14.99-19.99 and I paid $54.99 for the hoodie, which is now on sale for $34.99). So, get a gift for yourself and the people you love!

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Hannah said...

I've been hearing snippets about this and feel very conflicted about it! I'm sad that they seem to be closing (and I'll probably never get to eat there) but I'm confused about the way that they're... Um... Not completely closing? Oy, the same sort of thing has been going on at Counter in NYC- They announced the restaurant was closing sometime around February, I think, and it's still open. Who knows...