Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Madeleine Bistro in Flux

About six weeks ago, Madeleine Bistro alerted its Facebook followers that it would be shuttering its restaurant doors forever. Mother's Day weekend was chosen as the finale, but an outpouring of protests resulted in a May 22 closing date. I made sure to have one last dinner at the restaurant I've frequented since it opened.

For what I thought was my last Madeleine's meal, I feasted on Cauliflower Bisque.

Followed by half of a Bigger Mack, as I was saving room for dessert.

The chocolate souffle (I abandoned the accompanying vanilla ice cream) is, in my opinion, one of the most memorable vegan desserts available in LA, so it only made sense for me to order it that night.

After this delicious meal, I made peace with the fact that Madeleine's would no longer be open for restaurant dining. But then there was news of an encore weekend. And then a very last-minute brunch offering this past Sunday, for which I was in attendance with my dad and grandpa.

We split a plate of chocolate-dipped donuts (my first donut in at least two years).

I enjoyed a Cajun Caesar Salad with blackened tempeh for lunch.

Still feeling the need for greens, I drank a greens plus ginger juice.

As of right now, Madeleine's future plans are in a hopeful state of flux. However, the restaurant will be open Father's Day weekend for dinner Saturday and brunch and dinner Sunday. Follow them on Facebook for up-to-date (and often last-minute) updates.

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vko said...

Can't believe that I never made it to Madeleine Bistro- oh I hope they stay open somehow, everything looks amazing.