Friday, January 16, 2009

Backlog and Update

I'm fairly backlogged, so I'll be rolling out posts about older food adventures and those that I've been experiencing much more recently (I've been cooking and baking up a storm!). Please bear with me so you don't miss anything!

First, though, an update regarding my Vita-Mix plea. Allison of Vita-Mix unceremoniously left me the following comment on Monday:

I'm sorry I'm a bit late to the conversation. Thanks for the request but we have reached our product limit for blogger reviews.

Allison for Vita-Mix

Thank you for responding, Allison, but I'd say it's Vita-Mix's loss for missing out on whatever reviews I'd have written if I were given one of your machines. There's no way I could buy one for myself and that means no free press for you!

Enough about that. Let's talk about Hannah Kaminsky's newest book!

Sadly, I didn't get a single decent shot of this scrumptious pie. It's called Cherry Macaroon Tart and it's honestly the best pie I've ever tasted. You see, I've never been a fan of pie crust and berry pie filling is the only type I've ever enjoyed (while I love fresh apples with a passion, cooked apples don't really do it for me). Until this tart came into my life, I would eat the pie filling and leave the crust behind. All that has changed and now I can have my pie and my crust, too! Ok, that saying doesn't quite work in this instance, but I tried.

Another test recipe for Hannah's new cookbook is that for Rum Raisin Fudge Brownies. These contain a sophisticated and decadent flavor combination that was a huge hit! Once again, my poor excuse for a photo doesn't do Hannah's recipe justice.

Rest assured that there's much more to come.


aredcardigan said...

Hehe don't apologize for backlogs...I do the same thing. Plus it's difficult to be in the minute foodie poster.We're not Fox news;)

Let's keep it real and will look forward to all your posts....

Have a good one!

Anonymous said...

awwww, I think they should give you one!!!!
And yummy! REAL brownies! They look spectaculaR!

Ricki said...

Well, at least the VM people sent you a reply--I suppose that's something. But the goodies both sound totally fantastic! I think I might even like that pie, too (I'm more of a crust gal than a filling gal, actually--but macaroon crust is right up my alley).

Anonymous said...

Oh that tart! I want me some of that right now! Qu'ils sont mechant les gens du VM!

River said...

Sorry about the VitaMix, I was hoping you would get one too! :(

On a brighter note - your sweet goodies look super YUMMY!!

Jeni Treehugger said...

VM don't know what they're missing!
That Pie looks YUM!

quarrygirl said...

you always do the most thoughtful and enticing write-ups on food. those vitamix people are clearly clueless.

ummmmmm and those sweets look INSANE. thanks for testing this stuff. your posts lead me to buy happy herbivore's pudge free holidays and i am VERY happy with it.

Hannah said...

The photos are just fine as long as the food looks good, and it definitely does! :)

aTxVegn said...

Boy, that pie looks amazing. I'm sooo anxious for Hannah's new book.

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Oooh I'm so sorry; I spelled your name wrong on facebook :o/

Forgive me?

celine said...

I'm with Ricki, at least they noticed your post and said something? glass half-full, and all. blah.