Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wild Rice Penne

Saturday evening, a fellow vegan and I whipped up this fantastic pasta dish using just what was on hand in my kitchen. It was immensely fun cooking with and for someone else. Here's what we did:

Wild Rice Penne

16 oz. Organic Wild Rice Pasta (or pasta of your choice)
12 oz. Morningstar Farms Grillers Crumbles
2 ripe tomatoes
14.6 oz. jar water-packed artichoke hearts
7 oz. green pimento-stuffed olives
freshly ground black pepper to taste

Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Add pasta and cook according to package directions.

Heat a skillet and add the Grillers Crumbles. Cook over a medium-high flame until completely heated through and browned.

Meanwhile, dice the tomatoes, quarter the artichoke hearts, and cut the olives in half width-wise.

Once the pasta is cooked to your preference, drain it completely and return it to the pot in which it cooked. Add the Grillers Crumbles, then add the tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and olives. Stir to thoroughly combine. Add freshly ground black pepper to taste and stir again to distribute. Serve and devour!


Anonymous said...

Je n'ai jamais goûté au pâtes aux riz suis intriguée!
Et je suis d'accord avec toi - mille fois plus fun de cuisiner avec un ami!

Ricki said...

I haven't cooked with someone else (well, does the HH count?) in ages! It does sound like fun. And the pasta sounds amazing.

Hannah said...

I'm still a little bit scared of rice pasta (I've had some bad experiences with gluten-free pastas...) But it certainly sounds like a tasty, fast dinner to whip up!

Recipe man said...

i love this!
i love rice pasta, takes some time to get right...

quarrygirl said...

one word: NOM!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi! i found your blog through bittersweet:)

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Please pass it on! :)

JennShaggy said...

That looks delicious!

And thank you :) No need to worry about being over-zealous. I love the enthusiasm. Hope all is well with you, lady!

Anonymous said...

Heya girlie! It was so great to meet you today! You're such a doll!
I don't think I can take another bite of food, I'm sooo full. But this rice penne looks uber good :0)

Katy said...

Yum, that pasta looks super yum!