Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pure Luck & Scoops: Take Two

Last Wednesday, the night of the lunar eclipse, I went to see my friend's band play in Hollywood. Rather than going all the way home after work and then going to the show, I decided to treat myself again to Pure Luck and Scoops.

I knew I was going to have dessert, so I ordered a small meal at Pure Luck (much more aesthetically pleasing photo here as I'm still photographing with my cell phone). These plantain and cream soft tacos (ordered sans onions, of course) arrived at my table smelling like open fire-roasted marshmallows. Oh, yum. I'm going to take a guess that the cream atop the plantains was Soyatoo because it began melting immediately and I've heard that's Soyatoo's M.O. I savored every bite of these delicious tacos, eating the plantains with a fork and tearing off pieces of the soft corn tortillas to dip in the remaining cream after the plantains were gone. I would definitely order this again, but I'd probably go more savory next time, ordering without the cream and with a side of rice and beans.

I rolled into Scoops like a kid in a candy store, eyes aglow with the four vegan ice cream possibilities before me: Thai Iced Tea, Chocolate Orange, Pistachio Lemon, and Almond Banana. When the Scoops scooper asked whether I'd like a sample, I eagerly asked to taste all four vegan options. I surprised myself by going for the Chocolate Orange over the Almond Banana and Pistachio Lemon was a no-brainer. Imagine the richest, creamiest chocolate ice cream laced with fresh orange and blended to smooth perfection. Then imagine bright green pistachio flavor enhanced with a subtle hint of lemon and full of pistachio bits on which to chew. That was the cup of deliciousness that greeted me at Scoops that night.

Pure Luck
707 N. Heliotrope Drive
Los Angeles 90029

712 N. Heliotrope Drive
Los Angeles 90029

As an aside, I've noted an interesting habit I've developed. I often eat dinner and then prep something or cook something to eat the next day. Tonight's example is that I prepped the Tangerine Baked Tofu from Veganomicon. I started this endeavor at 9:50 p.m. Is that crazy? I figured I'd marinate one side of the tofu overnight, flip it in the morning before work, and marinate the other side all day. Then I can bake it tomorrow night when I get home. I wonder if I'm the only person who does this.


Jennifer said...

Even taken from a cell phone that looks (and sounds) wonderful.

You are so lucky to live in such a veg friendly place. The Midwest kind of sucks in that respect.

I love prepping things ahead of time. Setting out beans before I go to bed, starting something in the crockpot in the morning, geting things marinating for the next night while I am preparing dinner for that evening, it makes yummy meals a lot easier! Lucky for me too, Brett still in college, so I can have him cook beans, roast veggies, make rice, etc while I'm at work. Smart thinking on my part I must say.

I have to go back again, plantain and cream tacos, YUM!

Anonymous said...

That looks soooo yummy!! Great way to reward yourself with food. =)

Rural Vegan said...

It's probably for the best that I am 1000+ miles away from any establishment offering vegan Pistachio Lemon ice cream. I can only imagine how good that must have been!

VeggieGirl said...

Oh my goodness, Pure Luck and Scoops sound so incredibly amazing!! That Banana & Cream taco concoction is so tantalizing; and the ice cream from Scoops sounds delicious as well - yum!

I always prepare meals ahead of time - it's a great time-saver, in the end!

Ruby Red Vegan said...

Yep, sometimes I rush through dinner because I'm so excited about dessert. I'd kill for a vegan ice cream parlor around here! Wow, your dessert looks delicious!

It's smart to prep the next night's meal after you finish eating. That way, you have tons and energy. I find it so hard to summon the energy to cook after a long school day. Everything elaborate I do in the kitcheen lately happens first thing in the morning... So I need to try your trick for sure. Thank you so much for mentioning it!

BitterSweet said...

Wow, consider me jealous! I may have gotten a taste or two of Wheeler's, but there's still no place to go for vegan ice cream near me. It looks incredible!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

I need to find a reason to visit Pure Scoops.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I still haven't been to Scoops - I've lived here two years and it's like a 10 minute bike ride away!!! This weekend is it. I'm making a date with myself and some ice cream. And I make part of recipes the night before all the time - I'm more of a breakfast/lunch person and don't eat much at dinner so it just makes more sense to cook at night!

Happy Herbivore! said...

ooooohhhh..... can I dive in?

Vegan_Noodle said...

That ice cream looks soooo tasty!

And it sounds like a great idea to prep the night before. If I could only decide what we're having the next night, it would work. I definitely do that when I'm expecting company and preparing a big meal though.