Tuesday, November 27, 2007

VeganMoFo: 3-in-1

Well, I guess I owe you 3 posts in today's installment to make up for Sunday and Monday. Honestly, I haven't been eating anything interesting. I finished my leftovers today at lunch and I had cereal for dinner (I know). So, I think I'll just give you a few anecdotes. How's that?

1. As you may recall, I spent a year living in Toulouse, France, where I was fortunate enough to be a friend of Your Vegan Mom. At that point in my life, I really didn't know how to cook. Let me demonstrate: Nearly every day for lunch, I ate a salad of canned chickpeas and canned corn. Really. Nearly every night for dinner, I ate white rice and canned lentils. As an aside, I've never had better canned lentils than those they sold at Casino (my French grocery store) and I used to get this yummy golden crust on my rice because my pot wasn't non-stick.

Anyway, while we were in France, the little group of friends that included Your Vegan Mom and me used to have dinner parties. I can't remember if they were monthly or just whenever, but we each hosted one in our apartment. Since Your Vegan Mom was vegetarian (I'm not sure if she was vegan yet), our dinner parties were also vegetarian. I might be completely mistaken, but I think we might have had Mexican food the night the Your Vegan Mom and her roommate hosted. When it was my turn, I think I bought pre-made crepes and filled them with something and pre-made tart shells that I filled with vanilla pudding and berries. Seriously gourmet. I'm sure there was some kind of salad, too. Thank goodness I learned how to cook once I became vegetarian!

2. The title of this blog corresponds to a little chant I used to have whenever I wanted to eat at Real Food Daily as a new vegetarian. My then-boyfriend (a lovely omni) and I would be driving and trying to decide what we wanted for lunch/dinner. I'd break into chants of "Hug-ger Food! Hug-ger Food!" If only you could've heard my voice as I chanted this. Real Food Daily was pretty much the only dedicated vegan restaurant I knew about at the time and, unfortunately, my then-boyfriend was not a fan (of the restaurant; he loves vegan food in general).

3. I used to get upper-respiratory infections very frequently when I was growing up (mostly bronchitis and I had walking pneumonia once). As a pre-vegan adult, I got a sinus infection every time my allergies flared up (so, several times a year). Since I eliminated dairy from my diet (February 2001), knock on wood, I have never had a sinus infection. Ever. In that time, I've had the flu twice (once that lasted 12 hours and once that lasted 3 days), one cold, and laryngitis. That's it in 6 years. It was shocking to me once I started to realize how I had changed from someone with frequent illnesses to someone with an immune system of steel. And I have veganism to thank for that. :)

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trina said...

Yeah, it's pretty likely that you ate Mexican food at our apartment, we're known to cook that way. It probably included those wretched packaged tortillas that you can buy in European grocery stores for a whole lot of money that are more novelty item than food stuff. Growing up isn't all bad- thank goodness for the cooking skills that come along with experience.