Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vegan Cuts FeedYourFace Caramels

Have you signed up for Vegan Cuts yet?  Started by a vegan couple, it's a site (similar to Groupon and LivingSocial) providing discounts on vegan products to help consumers discover new cruelty-free companies.  In addition to daily deals, Vegan Cuts offers a marketplace featuring deals on vegan food, fashion, and body care. 

Vegan Cuts approached me a couple weeks ago to review a new line of coconut milk-based caramels by Etsy store FeedYourFace.  Being the caramel-loving vegan I am, I happily accepted and received a package containing a huge variety of delicious caramels.  When I say "variety," I'm not whistling Dixie.  Check out this list of flavors:
Hawaiian red sea salt
dark chocolate Hawaiian red sea salt
pumpkin spice
dark chocolate pumpkin spice
double ginger
lavender brown sugar
lemongrass coconut
blood orange
spicy mango
pomegranate balsamic
green tea chai
spicy (cinnamon/chipotle) dark chocolate
vanilla-orange creamsicle
carrot cake
dark chocolate orange
limited edition mulled apple cider

The caramels are soft and each one has a distinct essence.  The simple vanilla caramel delivers just as much flavor as the exotic spicy mango.  A note on the FeedYourFace site indicates that the caramels hold up well in the fridge and freezer, so they're easy to store for a sweets fix. 

FeedYourFace is also an eco-friendly company, packaging the caramels in biodegradable, compostable bags and wrappers and filling the shipping box with recycled and recyclable shredded paper.

Vegan Cuts is now offering a discount on this caramel sampler that brings the price down from $22 to $14.99.  It's a great opportunity to support one vegan company, through another vegan company while also getting something delicious to eat!  To take it one step further, Vegan Cuts is offering Hugger Food readers an additional 10% off your order (not including shipping) through Halloween 2012 by using the code BLOGFRIEND at checkout.