Saturday, January 14, 2012

Appetite for Reduction

I've been busily cooking from Appetite for Reduction since I received it at the end of 2010. What stopped me from not posting about it until now was that I kept thinking "It doesn't make sense to write about it yet because I still want to make this recipe and this one and this one..." Clearly, that type of logic could go on infinitely with a book this great.

Forty-Clove Chickpeas & Broccoli

Hottie Black-Eyed Peas & Greens

Upside-Down Lentil Shepherd's Pie (atop a test recipe for Manifest Vegan's mashed potatoes)

Black Bean, Zucchini, & Olive Tacos

Although I can't find a photo in my archives, I also made the Arabian Lentil & Rice Soup. Each recipe I've prepared from this book has been healthful, satisfying, and flavorful and there are numerous recipes on my want-to-make list. I'm pleased that Isa Chandra Moskowitz took into consideration the desire some people have for low-fat cuisine (in the past, I've always eliminated the oil from the recipes in Vegan with a Vengeance, Veganomicon, and Vegan Brunch) and that she thought to not include a dessert chapter in this book (I love dessert; it just makes sense to not include a dessert chapter in a cookbook of this nature). Her creativity and variety are wonderfully showcased in this volume and I can't wait to taste what's next.


Hannah said...

I almost never buy cookbooks anymore, since I get so many for review, and still have dozens I've never even used, but I actually went out and bought AfR! Of course, I still have yet to use it as well... But your photos are inspiring and look delicious. I've gotta try the 40 clove chickpeas at the very least.

omgoshimvegan said...

It's as if you are wrote this post just for me. I have been cooking from Appetite a lot recently and the Hottie Black-Eyed Peas & Greens are on my list.

I'm recently obsessed with Forty-CLove Chickpeas & Broccoli. YUM!

Can't wait to try more. Thanks for sharing the recipes you've tried.