Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Green with Envy

I landed in Phoenix, AZ on Good Friday last month and left very early in the morning on Easter Sunday. I was there for the Angels' spring training and knew that I would eat as many meals at Green as possible. This vegan girl knew ahead of time that there was so much to try at Green and so little time! Just check out their menu and you'll know what I mean. I'd eaten dinner there once last year when I was out for spring training and I brought home a feast for a little Oscar viewing party the next night, so I'd already gotten a taste. I can't wait to go back!

Good Friday night dinner:

Green's line was literally out the door!

My fabulous Original "G" Spicy Po-Boy (From menu: Spicy Buffalo mock chicken with carrots, lettuce, tomato, and roasted jalapeno vegan mayo. Served with thyme fries). This sandwich was spicy and flavorful with chewy faux chicken on soft bread. My only question is why are these called thyme fries when I can't taste any thyme? They're tasty, crispy shoestring fries, but no thyme flavor whatsoever.

My dinner companion's Mum's Meatball Po-Boy (From menu: Our mock meatballs cooked in 'mum's' tomato sauce topped with melted mock mozzarella). This was also very yummy, especially the tomato sauce.

For dessert (something I'd been looking forward to since my visit last year!), I had a Tsoynami (Green's fierce competition for DQ's Blizzard), which is made with Green's homemade vegan soft serve! They had vanilla that day and a multitude of mix-ins from which to choose. My selections were Newman's Ginger-O's, chocolate chips, and a ribbon of peanut butter. Oh, yes, it was as incredibly delicious as it sounds!

I got take-out for the ball game the next day and completely forgot to photograph the evidence before eating it! First up were the Samosas (From menu: Curried potatoes, peas, carrots, and fresh garlic wrapped in a thin fried samosa with tamarind dipping sauce). These were quite greasy, which was unfortunate because both the filling and the dipping sauce were amazing! I also got the Green Hummus, as I'd forgotten that I'd tried this last year for the Oscar feast. Had I remembered that I'd previously tasted it, I wouldn't have ordered it again. Despite the fact that the menu described it as a "garlicky poblano and chickpea spread," it was surprisingly lacking in flavor and I really didn't like that it was served with fried pita as opposed to fresh. What's more is that there was a pool of olive oil on top of the hummus and I really didn't think it needed all that extra fat right on top. Their hummus is ok, but not worth ordering when there are so many other wonderful-sounding options to try!

Saturday night dinner:

We shared the Jerk Tofu Salad (From menu: Jerk spiced house tofu over fresh greens tossed in Jamaican jungle dressing). The texture of the tofu was excellent. It had a good bite, a nice crispy exterior, and a firm interior. I didn't taste any spice on the tofu itself, despite the menu description, though. The dressing was good, but I would've preferred more spice and a little less garlic in it. I would order this again.

We also shared the Classic Pizza, topped with their "homemade tomato sauce with vegan mozzarella cheese." The crust was thin and crispy, the vegan mozzarella seemed to be Follow Your Heart brand, and the tomato sauce was the same yummy sauce from the meatball sub. This was a very satisfying pizza. Yum!

The Sopranos Amaretto Soda (not mine).

My Tsoynami that night was the same as the first night with the addition of marshmallows. I expected a ribbon of Ricemellow Creme, but it was chunks of Vegan Sweets marshmallows instead. This was still great, but the chunks of marshmallows didn't add anything. I would've preferred it without them.

Just to prove that Green really is green, this is a shot from their powder room. ;)

If you're ever in the Phoenix area, please eat at Green! Their staff is so sweet and their food is amazing. They definitely deserve the business.


J said...

I love the shot of the powder room!

All that food looks fantastic! I want to go to Green!

Anonymous said...

this place rules. I eat here about avg 20 times a year when I go back to visit my parents.....

Great post!


Anonymous said...

wow, that looks so good that i may have to make a special tip from la just to eat there!!!

trina said...

You're right. I AM green with envy. That is my kinda place. So what's this with the Angels' Spring Training?

Anonymous said...

What great eateries, everything looks delicious!

Veg-In-Training said...

I too love this place. As a matter of fact, I'm having it for lunch today! They now use Daiya cheese which is soo good. You had one of my favorites: the Spicy G po'boy. The Argentine Po'Boy is very good too. I have yet to try the pizza because the sandwiches are so good. Burgers are just OK.

I have my omni co-worker addicted to Soynamis. Your are so right about the sweet and helpful staff. I <3 this place so much.
The thyme fries always confused me too, but they are tasty.