Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This is going to be a photo-heavy post...

Two Saturdays ago, on the same night as the Vegan Drinks Sante La Brea gathering about which I wrote here, a smaller Vegan Drinks crew met earlier for a private tasting at Locali. Locali is a new eco-friendly convenience store in Los Angeles that generously agreed to host 25 of us for a vegan wine, beer, cheese (Sheese brand Gouda, Smoked Cheddar, Cheddar Style with Chives, and Mozzarella) and caviar (Cavi-Art) tasting.

The incredibly friendly Locali owner and staff passed around lovely silver platters of Sheese on Late July crackers, as well as Dee's Bakery chocolate chip cookies (the best of her products that I've tasted so far).

It was also great fun to wander around the store looking the vegan products (remember that this is a vegan-friendly, eco-friendly store and not a vegan-specific store, so there are omni products sold there, too).

Sheese display.

Vegan goodies.

Vegan condoms.

Convenience store-style soft pretzels.

I won a raffle and took home a reusable Locali bag stuffed with so many fun things that it required two photos!

Organic instant coffee, BioBag for dogs, agave-sweetened ketchup (yay, no high-fructose corn syrup!), St. Dalfour giant French prunes that were absolutely fantastic, organic white wine vinegar, garlic-infused macadamia nut oil, and BioBag for cats.

Dry kumquat soda (Locali's owner gave me this to drink because I wasn't sampling the vegan wine and beer), Robbie's vegan Worcestershire sauce, O.N.E. coffee berry juice, Quinoa Gold mango passion energy drink, GojilAnia goji and acai drink, and Lundberg short grain brown rice.

Can you believe the amount of products they gave me? The Locali people are so generous!

I also bought a few things:

A Dee's Bakery cinnamon roll (good flavor, but doughy in the middle).

Some gluten-free vegan treats to share with my mom who has Celiac disease (I rotated the photo in iPhoto, but it wouldn't stay rotated to upload to the blog).

Thank you so much, Locali, for hosting this fun event and for bringing so many vegan products to our neighborhood!


Jen Treehugger said...

What an amazing store! I'm not gonna tell you how lucky you are cos I can tell you know how lucky you are!!

Anonymous said...

OMG how wonderful for YOU! The place looks fabulous (vegan condoms???), all the goodies and that raffle win--wow wow wow. What a great store--and sounds like a fun night, too!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is amazing - so much goodness, and what an amazing haul! You're such a lucky girl, but you totally deserve it!

Anonymous said...

What a haul! I'm going to have to arrange a 50/50 split on future Vegan Drinks Giveaways, lol. Please hotlink Vegan Drinks to meetup.com/vegandrinks if you don't mind :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, great info about Locali. I really wanna check that place out!

That cinnamon roll looks so good, even if it had a doughy center. In the picture, it kinda looks like french onion soup in a bread bowl.

I'm so glad you you got the Airplane reference, I just love the part when the granny walks up and says "I speak jive" :)