Wednesday, November 24, 2010

VeganMoFo: Kaia Foods

Last spring, Kaia Foods generously sent me a selection of their raw foods products (thank you so much, Kaia Foods!). As I was about to embark on an international vacation, these were perfect travel snacks! The sprouted buckwheat granola and kale chips were my favorite of the bunch, but I also enjoyed the flavorful sprouted sunflower seeds and the soft fruit leather. If you've never tried sprouted buckwheat granola, I highly recommend this crunchy, filling cereal. It's good plain or with cold vegan milk!

With Thanksgiving upon us tomorrow, tell me please, for what are you thankful?


Bianca said...

I've seen the Kaia kale chips featured somewhere before....VegNews, maybe? I LOVE kale chips. I must find some of these.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Kaia foods! My favorite was the buckwheat cherry granola. And the fruit leathers are awesome!