Monday, November 1, 2010

VeganMoFo: Shojin

One of my closest vegan friends left LA yesterday, likely not to return again for longer than a visit. In anticipation of that, we made sure to have a couple more vegan dining experiences together. The first was on October 10 at Shojin, a restaurant I hadn't been to since my first time.

While my dining partner ordered a sushi roll (dragon roll, I thought, but I can't find it on the menu), Seitan Pepper Steak, and Milky Almond Jelly with Nut Cookie for dessert, I wasn't quite as hungry and was craving comfort food. The Spicy Miso Ramen (from the menu: Flavorful blend of several miso, corn, vegetables, and garlic chips) with the addition of kale fit the bill perfectly. I'd love to recreate that at home.

Shojin provides computer printed cards and markers (crayons would have been better!) for those who appreciate a side of creativity with their meals. We each colored a card and hand-wrote a message for the Shojin owners to read later.


Bianca said...

Mmmm...Ramen is the best thing ever. I would totally have ordered that too. Have you seen Ramen Girl with Brittany Murphy? If not, I highly recommend it. It's kinda cheesy but it's all about the Japanese art of Ramen.

omgoshimvegan said...

All of the posts I've see on Shojin look amazing. That is on my must go to list. The ramen looks wonderful.

I'm sorry to hear your friend has left LA I know that can be hard.

Looking forward to your upcoming posts. Thanks for sharing.

River said...

How fun! Why do people stop coloring as they grow older?

I always enjoy living vicariously through your fabulous dining experiences! :D

Anonymous said...

Salut, toi! J'ai trop envie de te rendre visite à LA pour que tu puisse me montrer tous ces restos vegan qui me donnent envie!

kim g. said...

I've only been to Shojin once, and this is making me want to go back. So sorry you had to say goodbye to a good friend - I know that can be really hard. Hang in there!

Hannah said...

Shojin is definitely on my [restaurant] bucket list... Hopefully I can get to LA sooner than later though.