Saturday, October 18, 2008

May in RI: Amy's & Johnny Rockets

You know someone really loves you when they go out of their way to make sure their home is stocked with vegan goodies for your visit. Such was my experience in Rhode Island with ma meilleure amie last May.

For breakfasts, she bought a selection of my favorite Luna bars and a box of my favorite green tea.

For lunches and dinners, she stocked up on some Amy's products!

Vegan Bean and Rice Burrito (photo from the Amy's website).

Vegan Roasted Vegetable Pizza (photo from the Amy's website).

While both of the above Amy's products list onions among the ingredients, I didn't see or taste any. The veggies on the pizza were quite sparse, so I'm thinking they were just left off!

Since we're on the subject of Amy's, I haven't had these in quite a while, but I think the Amy's Indian Samosa Wrap is delicious (photo from the Amy's website).

We also ate lunch out one day at Johnny Rockets, which serves a great vegan Boca burger that they call the Streamliner. I'm extremely picky about veggie burgers because 99.9% of them have onions cooked right in and I can't handle that. These Boca burgers are clean, though; no interior onions to be found! Ok, the ingredients list dried onions, but I can't taste or see them, so they're in the clear. While not exactly health food (they're served on a white bun, but I know for a fact that they'll give it to you between two big lettuce leaves instead if you ask), the Streamliner is good and it's a great way to get to eat at a mainstream restaurant with your omni buddies.

Thus concludes our May retrospective.


Anonymous said...

Come back to RI ma belle!

Anonymous said...

best friends are the coolest!

aTxVegn said...

I buy these for my son and he loves them. We don't have a Johnny Rockets :(