Wednesday, October 28, 2009

VeganMoFo: End of Summer Bash

Our Los Angeles Vegan Drinks chapter has grown to epic proportions. At the end of August, well over 100 people came out for a meet-up event at Mama's Tamales in downtown L.A. Mama's Tamales, which has been vegan-friendly (check out the menu!) for quite some time and which introduced Daiya vegan cheese to its menu earlier this year, kindly closed down its regular business to host a fully-catered vegan event with live music.

As the event died down, a choice of savory and sweet tamales were served, but I didn't have a chance to try them because I was already full from this beautiful assortment of dishes:

Daiya-filled pupusas with a pickled vegetable garnish.

Quinoa and cranberry stuffed tomatoes.

Roasted vegetables and olives over polenta.

Daiya enchiladas with choice of salsa.

Also among the goods were Daiya quesadillas, assorted olives, and vegan-friendly libations. There was even a videographer at the event, meaning that you can join in the party, too!

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The Voracious Vegan said...

Those papusas look awesome! Actually everything looks awesome, I'm especially drooling over those juicy looking olives.