Saturday, October 31, 2009

VeganMoFo: Happy Halloween!

Los Angeles Vegan Drinks held its Halloween party Thursday night at the Little Bar and a wonderful time was had by all (the RSVP count was 120!). Those in costumes were rewarded with cupcakes from Jamaica's Cakes, generously provided by our gracious organizers. The Frankenstand, L.A.'s very own vegan hot dog cart, was on hand to provide dinner to the hungry.

While there were three people dressed as pirates (at least three that I counted), there were some unique costumes, including a corporate green-washer, a cow with a sign reading "Thank moo, Animal Acres," Punky Brewster, a shower a la Karate Kid, and my personal favorite, a garden gnome.

On this final day of VeganMoFo, I'm thinking back on all that has happened this month. It has been full of wonderful things that I never would have expected and I can only hope that the magic continues.

Have a very fun and safe Halloween!


Lex said...

Happy Halloween! Please tag our cupcake contribution to, lol!!! We're already getting healthyvegan blackmailed for consuming so many Frankens!

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween too. I hope them cupcakes taste as good as they look!

Ricki said...

Hopep you had a very Happy Halloween! And glad that the month has been good to you. :)