Monday, October 3, 2011

I Am Complete

I Am Complete was another favorite from the previous Cafe Gratitude LA menu. A raw mezze platter, it featured dehydrated falafel, garlicky hummus, kalamata olive tapenade, and a salad dressed with tzatziki.

Today's Cafe Gratitude Question of the Day (this one is from the main Cafe Gratitude daily e-mail, not Cafe Gratitude LA): What is your greatest accomplishment?


KellyC said...

That looks so tasty! My greatest accomplishment seems like a big question...I would say raising my son but I'm only a few years in so far...I hope that I will always be able to say that though!

Anonymous said...

Your photo looks delicious!

Hannah said...

This platter looks like something I'd order in a heart beat! It had a little bit of everything wonderful.