Monday, October 31, 2011

I Am Grateful

It seems fitting to close my month-long ode to Cafe Gratitude with the dish that both defines and sets it apart from every other restaurant I've ever encountered. I Am Grateful is a donation-only bowl consisting of simple, nutrient-dense ingredients: a grain (option of quinoa, brown rice, or a combination), black beans, shredded kale, and the lovely garlic-tahini sauce. While the suggested donation is $7, anyone can order it and pay as little or as much as they're willing and capable. The menu says: "Payment is by donation. No one is turned away. Suggested value is $7. Feed yourself and someone in need for $14." It's a program that allows customers to experience the gifts of giving and receiving, of nourishing someone else and of being nourished by another.

There's a great story of the I Am Grateful bowl in action here.

Recently, Cafe Gratitude LA gathered a crew of community members to feed the Occupy LA participants with I Am Grateful bowls. If it hadn't been on a work day, I would have been right there serving up gratitude with them! The video of that day's experience is here.

If you'd like to donate, but don't live near a Cafe Gratitude location, please check out the Grateful Bowl Program.

I've thoroughly enjoyed sharing and celebrating my favorite restaurant during VeganMoFo this year. I am so grateful for the healthful, delicious food and for the community itself...this community is my family.

Today's Cafe Gratitude Question of the Day: What is your secret super power?

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Michael@noflournosugardiet said...

That's great that Cafe Gratitude shared their love with Occupy LA.
I haven't been to a Gratitude in LA, but have been to the Berkeley one a couple times...
not to be a spoiler, but did you happen to read about the Bay Area CGs that had a bit of controversy over intimidating employees to do Landmark Forum?
In any case, good for CG LA to support Occupy...